Doctors recommend banking stem cells to take advantage of the many medical treatments which are currently available, and for the future advancements being discovered through scientific research.

We promise you a secure hope for the future, through peace of mind.

StemStore Technologies serves as an industry leader in the collection, processing and storage of cord blood and dental stem cells for children.  We also provide individual services for the collection and cryostorage of stem cells from adult derived sources.  StemStore Technologies is located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.  StemStore carefully chose RTP, because this area is the heart of current and future research and innovation for stem cell advancements.  We are in close proximity to RDU International Airport, and several of the nation’s most prominent universities and hospitals.  Banking with StemStore Technologies will enable your family’s stem cells to be in close proximity to the world’s leading innovators and pioneers of this technology.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards.  While many competitors have merged, changed ownership or simply vanished, privately held StemStore Technologies has remained focused on our primary mission – serving our customers with the most outstanding service and quality possible.


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Listen to Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg discuss the topic Banking Umbilical Cord Blood as she is interviewed by NPR's Scott Simon on August 2, 2008. Click here to go view this interview on the NPR website.